Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Philips Lumea: The Final Verdict

The 8 weeks are over (where have they gone?!), the 4 trial sessions completed and the Philips Spa at the Soho Hotel officially closed. And now comes the exciting bit: the results.

Am I totally fuzz-free? Well not quite, but very nearly. There are still a couple of patchy bits that I should think will disappear with one final zap. The hair growth has undoubtedly slowed enormously, and the hairs that have grown back are weedy shadows of their former selves, hurrah! So overall, it’s a huge thumbs up.

Compared to every other type of hair removal I’ve ever tried (and trust me, I’ve tried them all) there’s no question this wins hands down. It doesn’t hurt, it’s quick and easy, long lasting and very effective. What else could you ask for?

Of course, it does cost £400, which initially seems expensive (I for one don’t have £400 just hanging around in my bank account, waiting to be spent!), but if you work it out over 5 years (that’s the Lumea’s official shelf life) it’s actually far cheaper than any other form of hair removal.

Let’s take a professional bikini wax, for example. I’d say it costs £25 on average (although at inflated London prices, it can easily cost twice that!), that’s £25 every 2 months or so. So £150 per year. Over 5 years, that’s £750. Just for your bikini line. That’s got to hurt more than the waxing.

And when you consider you’re getting leg hair removal and bikini line and underarms for £350 less, and it doesn’t hurt, and you can do it yourself at home…it starts to make sense, right?

I know I’m starting to sound a bit like a Philips salesperson, and I do apologise, but price aside (even though I do think it’s worth the expense) I genuinely can’t think of a single negative thing to say about it. Basically ladies, you need the Lumea in your life!

Philips Lumea, £400, available from Boots now.

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