Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Become a Bardot Pro

I went to the launch of the Headmasters Party Pin-Up Masterclass this morning. I find doing my own up-dos very tricky, so jumped at the chance to have an expert teach me step by step how to do it. First, the hair stylist did it for me, talking me through each stage and explaining which techniques to use where. And then, just when it was looking beautifully finished, she took it all out so I could have a go! She then watched over and offered advice as I replicated the technique as best I could – this Bardot-esque up do is the result, not bad I feel, considering my usual total lack of skill! I love the lace as a headband too, a very thoughtful touch.

I think this is a genius concept and thoroughly recommend you try it out when it hits Headmasters salons nationwide from 1st November. It costs £45 for the 45 minute appointment, but once you’ve been taught the technique once, you’ll be able to re-create it yourself time and time again at home.

Party Pin-Up Masterclass, £45, available from Headmasters nationwide from 1st November 2010.


  1. Good job! Yes my updo's are work in practice too, always ready to snatch a client that walks in with long hair to practice on, so many cool updo's right now don't you think? Love the bardot inspiration

  2. I often wear my hair like this when I don't have extensions in. So easy and makes for a nice quick do :)

  3. Any news on the next Headmasters colour sale? You seemed to have the news first last time round!