Monday, 2 August 2010

Miracle-gro for lashes…Yes, really!

I love it when a beauty product delivers on its promises. Every day, products land on my desk with dubious claims about their efficacy plastered all over their packaging, and 90% of the time I find they’re simply not true. I’m a born cynic anyway (a trait that’s tested to the max working in the beauty industry!) so I refuse to believe any kind of claim until I, or someone I know and trust, has tested it.

So when Rapidlash, a serum that claims to make lashes 50% longer in 8 weeks, first arrived in the office, I was intrigued but skeptical. As I still have my amazing Flutter eyelash extensions on, I couldn’t try it personally, but my fastidious and totally trustworthy Beauty Director Lisa Durant decided to give it a go, and I have to say the results are incredible.

After a few weeks of use (you apply to the base of the lashes, once a day, before you go to bed) she was seeing no results, but decided to continue with the treatment for the full 8 weeks to give it a fair trial. A few weeks later it seems her determination has paid off, as her lashes now look absolutely amazing; much longer and darker. Lisa usually tints her lashes regularly, but hasn’t had to once since using Rapidlash due to their newfound luscious density.

So it’s top marks to Rapidlash for making a product that truly delivers, and for proving my inner cynic wrong!

Rapidlash, £39.99, available from now.

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