Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Creme de la creme

I love how certain smells can evoke vivid memories. The smell of the original Nivea Creme - the one in the big blue tub - really reminds me of my childhood as my mum used it as a cure for absolutely everything from dry skin to full on cuts and grazes! I haven't smelled it in a while so when I opened these cute new tins this morning, I got a real blast from the past! Good on Nivea for updating the packaging, but staying faithful to the original formulation of the cream. Its preservative-free formula has remained unchanged since its conception in 1911, and the fact that it's still a best-seller nearly 100 years on proves it's a real beauty classic.

Limited Edition Nivea Creme tins (available in four designs), £1.35, available nationwide from 9th February 2010

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