Friday, 22 January 2010

Where to go for summer nails? The supermarket!

Back in the noughties, supermarkets cottoned on to the growing consumer appetite for instantly available catwalk-inspired fashion at bargain basement prices, and they got pretty good at producing it. But somehow they’ve never been quite as hot on the beauty side of things.

Tesco caused quite a stir back in 1999 when they signed legendary make up artist Barbara Daly, and she has created some memorable products (her Face Lift Cream developed quite a cult following) but generally, I’ve found the supermarket’s efforts at beauty collections boring, predictable and not of the best quality.

That is until now… I was surprised and delighted to see some beautiful pastel nail polishes arrive on my desk a couple of weeks ago from M&S. Bang on trend for this Spring, they’re pretty, wearable and last well. And this morning, I discovered these gorgeous nail colours from Barbara Daly for Tesco. Every shade is a vibrant bright that stays true on application, and all will compliment a summer tan beautifully. Seems the supermarkets are finally realising there’s a demand for on-trend beauty too…

M&S Essential Colours Nail Colour, £2.50, available now from Marks & Spencer stores nationwide.

Barbara Daly Mini Fashion Nails, £2.70, available 24th February in larger Tesco stores nationwide.


  1. which is more wearable- the BD yellow or the M&S? (think I have a secret fascination in yellow nail varnish...)xx

  2. I'm quite a fan of the yellow too! Or rather, I will be come the summer when hopefully I'll have a bit of colour in my skin!! I'd have to say I prefer the BD yellow - it's got more of a neon edge which I quite like... xxx