Friday, 15 January 2010

A juicy treat

When it comes to fashion, I’m definitely a believer in the adage ‘if you’re old enough to remember it the first time round, you shouldn’t be wearing it the second time round’. But with beauty, it seems a different set of rules apply...

I remember the hype when Lancome Juicy Tubes first hit the shelves 10 years ago. As a 15-year-old girl, it was the make-up bag must-have. Well now it seems it will be the gloss du jour once again, as Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has designed 6 motifs to adorn the packaging of the original 6 shades to celebrate the tenth anniversary. With a revamped 100% natural formula enriched with shea butter and honey, they’re more hydrating than ever, without loosing any of that legendary shine. My favourite is Dot Apricot (third in from the right), a gorgeous everyday nude with a subtle pink tint. 

Lancome Juicy Tubes, £10, available exclusively from Debenhams from April 2010. 

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