Thursday, 7 January 2010

On the lash

Lash extensions are a relatively new beauty treatment, and one that I have been keen to try as my natural lashes are teeny weeny and barely visible when not coated in several layers of mascara! So when I booked in with Kathryn of Flutter Lashes at the Urban Retreat spa in Harrods, I was extremely excited to say the least...

Here are my thoughts on the results:

Upsides: They look really really good. Amazing actually. Really full and thick but totally natural - the above picture is not exaggerated at all. I’ve had loads of compliments on them, but the hugest benefit in my mind is that it cuts down my morning beauty routine as there’s absolutely no need for mascara - you just wake up in the morning with totally perfect-looking wide awake eyes! You feel like you don’t need to wear as much make up, just because you wake up looking that much more healthy.

They’ve also lasted really well. I’ve had this set for four weeks now and they’re only just starting to look slightly ragged around the edges. You do notice one or two lashes falling out, but they fall out so gradually - with your natural lash cycle - that you hardly notice. 

Downsides: The price. I had mine done with the owner of Flutter, Kathryn, who is an absolute pro, and who made my experience really enjoyable, but quality comes at a price - £250 to be exact. I can almost hear you wincing. The price drops to £180 if you opt for a member of Kathryn’s team instead, which is more reasonable. The way I see it, some people think nothing of spending £100 on an hour’s facial that lasts just that – an hour. For two of those, you get a good 6 weeks wear from these lashes.

They also take a bit of getting used to, you can’t rub your eyes which is rather like having an itch you can’t scratch at times, and you have to be careful not to use oil-based make up removers. Other than that you can pretty much continue your routine as usual.

So my verdict? If you can justify the expense to yourself (or your bank manager!), definitely go for it, you’ll never look back. But it’s an expensive habit, and once you've had them, going au naturel again just doesn’t seem an option!

Lashes from £180 and infills from £60 at Urban Retreat in Harrods.

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