Monday, 22 February 2010

Review: No Foundation Foundation

I’ve been wanting to try Dr Perricone’s No Foundation Foundation ever since it launched at the end of 2009, purely because I liked the name. Or the idea of the concept behind the name.

So first things first, I love the old school apothecary, Kiehls-like packaging, but the bottle itself is small – only 30 ml – so I’m wondering how long it’ll last…

Rather disappointingly, it comes out like any normal foundation – liquid and tinted. I was hoping it would wow me with its revolutionary texture, and a colour-less formula that would magically adapt to my skin tone before my very eyes! Perhaps my expectations were a little high.

So on to the next slightly upsetting aspect – the smell. It smells like a health food shop. That kind of herbal, almost medicinal smell that assaults your nostrils when you walk past Holland & Barratt. It definitely has a Marmite effect – my boyfriend loves it, I hate it. But thankfully it disappears very quickly.

So far, so bad. But that all changes the second I actually apply it. Although the formula feels quite thick and viscous on my fingers, it blends beautifully, and gives my skin a really gorgeous dewy glow. It gives quite a light coverage so don’t dump your concealer just yet, but it’s perfect for anyone with fairly clear skin who just wants a really good radiance boost. It also lasts all day, and feels nourishing and moisturising (although this could be the smell tricking my brain into thinking it MUST be good for my skin??!)

Anyway, my reaction was - PHEW! I wanted to love it, and in the end, I did. There may be aspects that aren’t ideal, but once you see the results, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it too.

Dr Perricone No Foundation Foundation, £41, available now from

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