Friday, 12 February 2010

Revlon S/S collection

Since the highly talented and very lovely make up artist Gucci Westman took over as Global Creative Director at Revlon in 2008, she’s introduced forward thinking, on trend products, breathing new life into the once struggling brand.

I LOVED last year’s matte collection, and the S/S 2010 collection is just as exciting. The lilac and mint green nail polishes are sure to fly off the shelves, but I think the real stars are the lip glosses (pictured). They’re the most gorgeous, highly pigmented bright shades, and will compliment a tan beautifully.

Revlon S/S Collection, from £6.29, 0800 085 2716


  1. mmm beautiful colours, i wonder how opaque they are? can't envisage lilac lips but they're gorgeous to look at.

  2. They're lovely! The picture doesn't do them justice actually. The lilac is more of a tint than block colour and is really soft and subtle when it's on - much more wearable than you'd think looking at it! Jx